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Residential Moving

In Oregon, household moving is regulated by the State Department of Transportation and Willamette Express holds License No. 51817. Rates that Moving Companies charge are set by the Department of Transportation and our company has been approved for one of the lowest allowable rates anywhere in Oregon and Washington..

Commercial Moving

The key to a well run project is the ability of the moving company to assist in the project engineering, based on expertise and experience Willamette Express LTD will arrange and direct pre-move planning meetings with all your coordinating staffs. These meetings are designed to outline the project, direct areas of concern and reach consensus on coordination and engineering. Our presentation will include explanations of labeling, color coding, packing, personnel disbursement, layout and the sequencing of preparations.

Office Furnitures

Willamette Express offers a comprehensive furniture solution for your every need. Call us first for all of the following:


• New Furniture
• Used/Refurbished Products
• Space Planning/Interior Design
• Installation/Office Reconfiguration
• Customization

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